William Kohler

William Kohler is a ceramicist based in Hertfordshire. When creating his work, he is inspired by natural elements - air, earth, fire and water.


He is passionate about clay, he describes it as, 'a natural earthy product that can produce some wonderful creations'. He creates both decorative functional ware, along with sculptural pieces of varying sizes.


He describes his work as experimental, explaining the difficulty with achieving identical likeness between his pieces - variation in the colour of glazes occurs, caused by the changes of atmosphere in the kiln during firing. Kohler mentions the moment of trepidation each time he opens the kiln after a firing - surprises, both positive and negative, are due to the experimental nature of his work. He uses various types of clay and glazes, and fires them to a very high temperature. He says (on opening the kiln), 'I am faced with either staggeringly wonderful finishes or a calamitous disaster.'