Krysia D. Michna-Nowak

Krysia D Michna- Nowak is a Hertfordshire based artist, working from her Hitchin studio. Born to Polish parents, her art is influenced by Polish culture, folklore, fairy tales, fashion, the circus and theatre. 

She specialises in portraits (of both humans and cats) where she chooses to convey the emotions of the sitter; this she achieves through her use of colour and line. The eyes in her portraits and the elegance of the line are integral to Krysia’s Art. This is followed by an orchestration of colour.


The rich colours and strong black lines of her paintings are distinctive. Most start out as a monoprint, which are then overlaid with Japanese matt acrylic paint; evolving into a unique, mixed media work of art.


She begins by drawing and mark making onto the glass to outline the figure, face or subject, also drawing onto the back of the paper to produce a reverse image. Once she pulls off her print, she will use this as the starting point of the painting to either redraw from and work again, or sometimes she will allow the print to dry and paint directly onto the original mono print to create the final piece. In this respect the print process is a very important and integral part of the whole creative process for her. Her works on paper are then painted using Japanese matt acrylics. She loves the chalkier and more opaque effect that these provide.